BPO interview questions and answers part 4


BPO interview questions and answers part 4

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What is homeshoring?

Homeshoring is the synonym of homesourcing. It means that outsourcing the work to from service industry to employees who can work from their home or workplace by appropriate means of telephone and Internet facilities. It refers to hiring independent employees and contractors without any bond. Sometimes it requires training of employees in office from time-to-time.

What is the difference between nearshoring and offshoring?

There is not a vast difference between nearshoring and offshoring. Nearshoring is derived from offshoring only, it means shifting or transferring the business in a neighboring country or a nearby region i.e. sometimes across the borders too, so that it can benefit both the parties in different aspects. Nearshoring means that the business has shifted work to a lower cost organization, but within its own region whereas offshoring involves shifting of business to a foreign or distant organization in order to reduce production costs.

Which are the top 10 bpo companies in India?

Top 10 bpo companies in India are:
a. Genpact
b. WNS global
c. IBM Daksh
d. Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide
f. Wipro BPO
g. First source
h. Infosys BPO
i. HCl BPO
j. EXL Service Holdings

What is the most efficient manner to lead a team?

A team can be lead in the most efficient way by the following points:
a. Always stand for your team.
b. Always guide them without any personal interests.
c. Correct your team member’s flaws whenever required.
d. Always motivate your team in every aspect.
e. Never be bossy.

What you are going to do if you are not able to complete your targets?

If the interviewer is asking this question then he wants you to give a genuine answer, which you will actually do if something like this happens. So be very realistic while answering this question.
You can say that “it was my mistake that I couldn’t complete my target this time but I’ll make sure that next time I complete my target exactly on time.

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